Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raptors drop a stinkbomb in Okc

Kevin Durant and the Thunder laid a predictable beating on the Raptors who left like a beaten dog with their tails tucked between their legs. Like they were on the wrong end of a Chong Li ass kicking. I say it was predictable because when you look at this OKC team you get the feeling that it's a team put together just to beat slow, no-hustle teams like Toronto.I really don't know what to say other than it was a obviously a huge disappointment especially coming right after the high of watching Team Canada send the Americans packing.

The Raps were crap and played uninspired. It's very similar to the roster mismatch they have against a team like the Atlanta Hawks. The Thunder were too fast, too athletic, and too energetic for this Raps team to keep up. Seeing this, in the future the raptors should forge some sort of counter measure in order to slow down the pace of the game. In contrast, the team turned the ball over like turnovers were going out of style. It reminded me of the team the Raps had before Bryan came here. Turnovers are a clear indication of a bad team, an immature team, and obviously carelessness. I am not saying our team is bad, but they certainly played like that on this night. It's like you weren't cool unless you gave the ball away. Well Raptors, tonight you'd be the Fonz.

The Raps got beaten like a visible minority in a rich American suburb. I don't even want to get into specific players because everyone played poorly. I think the effects of missing your team captain, your MVP, your All-star, is starting to kick in. Let us all as Raptor fans pray that Chris has a speedy recovery and returns to the lineup soon. On a night where Team Canada played all out, winner take all type of athletics, it's sad to see the contrast that the Raptor's performance played out. I know this team is better and I know this team is going to bounce back. Go Raps Go!

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