Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Starting on the lighter side:
Did anyone notice how much Leo was tootin Tyreke Evans' horn? I was tellin him to shut his pie hole the entire game. Well actually, I was telling my TV. I do that a lot, yell things at the screen. But Leo, if you love him so much why don't you quit your job with the Raptors and go move in with him? I think he's got a man-crush on him and is going to buy him candy and flowers.

The Game:
A gutless performance in the second half.  The Raptors mailed it in during halftime, put on their night caps and went to sleep. Their offense consisted of a lot of standing around and shooting an ill-advised jumper first thing down the court. Bosh was off big time and he kept forcing up that jumper that just wasn't working. He needed to post up every single time but he didn't. They needed to get the ball to him in the post, or post up Bargnani or run high ISO for him... they didn't. They needed to get Jose the heck off the court and out of the arena. They lost to an obviously inferior team and might as well pack it in this season. This ship seems to be sinking faster than Reggie Evans in a above ground pool.

The Complaints:
Jose was awful, just frickin awful. He should NOT have been left on the floor but yet after missing shots, turning the ball over and getting a flagrant foul, Jay was adamant about leaving him in the game cause things were going so well. With Jack our offense had a flow, but he remained on the pine again way too long. Jack at least can pass as an NBA pointguard even when he's having a bad game. Jose lately, seems like some dude they picked up out of the crowd. It pains me to say it since he used to be such a good player but he's just been a shadow of his former self. As his hair has gone, so has his game.

Again, Andrea does well in the first half and they don't go to him in the third till the end of the quarter when they've realized they've just been jacking up errant jump shots.  By that time he's worn out and ready to come out for a breather. To say that the Raptors have been stoopid is an understatement. Even Devlin and Rautins noted it. I get tired of saying, you must be tired of hearing it. I just put both my hands up in frustration, that's what I'll do from now on.

For the first time ever, I've felt that Jay Triano is not fit as headcoach. I've always been a supporter but now I see the idiocy of his ways. Bad substitution management, bad play calling, bad time-out timing and management. Ask yourselves this question Raptor fans, do you think any team would hire him if he got let go tomorrow? Uh-No.

The usual Turkoglu plea:
Dear Jay Triano and/or Bryan Colangelo. You made a mistake with regards to acquiring Hidayet "The Turnover" Turkoglu. Please remove him from the team. At least remove him from the starting line up. He is the newest version of Stephon Marbury. Last version was Tracy McGrady but he's playing again now. Hedo needs to leave the team, go home and keep from hurting his own team during games. He is the worst free agent acquisition in sports history, no wait hat was Hakeem. He is the second worst acquisition in sports history. If Jason Blake can be removed from the Leafs, the Raps have some sort of chance of getting rid of him this off season. I bet the Blazers are laughing their asses off at us.

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